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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

doodles... dibujos marítimos

Hace un tiempo dibujé  unos cuadritos marítimos. Voila! Aquí están tímidamente colgados en mi casa de Maitencillo, Chile. Sólo para poner algo de color en las nuevas paredes blancas!

Not long ago I was drawing these nautical Little doodles…  Well, here they are! I just wanted to put a little colour in the brand new white walls of my house in the seaside in Chile. :P


  1. Hi there Lory!
    So nice to see you!
    Love your drawings , the house the view! Your a lucky lady to have a beach house in Chile.
    Enjoy the great Chilean summer.

  2. Anna!!! Hola! I am back in the UK though! Oh yes, it was a lovely dream being with family and friends, summer, sun, seaside… Qué afortunada soy!
    But the dream is over and now I am eternally here under the grey, rainy cloud of England! :/ - You know I love the UK, but it was so nice to feel the love of the people I left behind, is after all, MY DNA! Buh!
    How are you any ways? How is California? Feeling the cold spell like the rest of the USA? Much love! x

  3. quedaron hermosos!
    Qué linda se ve la playa!!!!!
    Un beso

  4. Te pasaste con las fotos, me encanta la estetica. Y tambien tu casa en la playa! Genial! x


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