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Monday, 28 September 2015

The Brighton carousel

Sweet strawberry and bubble-gum candy floss aromas filled the air. The twilight was dyeing the sand and the sea orange. The vibrant, high pitched fairground music was loud and powerful, attracting children and adults like bees to flowers. People were arriving from all directions creating a dense and protective circle around the carousel – undoubtedly, the fair’s main attraction. Majestic explosion of sparkling colours emanated from the intermittent bulbs.  

As they waited, the prospect that soon it would be their turn to ride in a magic transportation filled them with anticipation. Sitting in those rigid, shiny and immortal horses, they would become knights and princesses galloping free across an oneiric field. 

The expected moment arrived! Up they went holding the pole strongly, feeling the breeze of the seaside caressing their skin and playing with their hair whilst seating up right waiting to be rocked by the fluctuating movements. 

A little girl, refusing to put her lolly pop down (already having her teddy in her the other hand), was holding on to the pole with great difficulty. Determined, she regained control with one finger and managed stubbornly to stay put. Dizzy with laughter and excitement, up and down she went, round and round, gaining a speed that appeared to transform the carousel into a flying saucer. 

“I do like to be beside the seaside”, a red haired woman was singing at the top of her voice, moving her right arm as if she was conducting an imaginary orchestra. The little boy in her lap, who was overwhelmed with happiness, burst out laughing as the platform continued to rotate. She kissed his petite ginger head and kept singing along on the carousel by the sea.