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Thursday, 6 March 2014

I really, really rough guide to Prague and Český Krumlov.

Dear Michelle’s friend:
How exciting you’re are planning your holidays to such a wonderful place in the world! The Check Republic is still a little jewel within the massive touristic waves of Europe, and still conserves some of the cheapness that people appreciate. You do not want to brake the piggy bank!
The C. Republic is relatively cheap in comparison to Italy or other trendy parts of Europe, so no wonder it has so many visitors! Also it has a lovey pretty architecture, landscape, good warm-hearted food and they are very pro English people, even though I am Chilean.
I have been to Prague many times, but I will just comment about my last trip.
My first stop was Prague. I went there in a British Airways flight as Easy jet from Stansted was having really bad times table. That was all. I was meeting up with some friends and we needed to time it well. So for further information, Easy Jet flies frequently from Stansted. Perfect!
I stayed in a very fancy hotel called:  Residence U Cerneho Orla .

It was fairly priced and few steps from the big and majestic Vltava River and the amazing Charles bridge. So that was nice. I think is always handy to be closer to the city centre, depending on the budget and how long your trip is. I had only 1 week, so I did not want to waste time in transportation.

The city itself is very bohemian, Cafes and bars everywhere. Ice-cream shops, pancakes, traditional patisseries from the zone. Homemade type of dishes, altogether it will be very hard for you to starve! The old part of the city is beyond beautiful, but as soon and you walk away, you start to see the legacy of the communist time and its block like big building signature. Not very appealing.
There are day’s trips from Prague to other part of the country. It worth to have a look here.

Instead, we went to Chesky Krumlov, a very quiet, medieval town. It is the mother’s place of one of my favourite artist Egon Schiele and it did provide with a lovely 2 hours or so train journey. So we changed from CITY to countryside. It was nice.
You can easily go to the train station and purchase your ticket to almost everywhere, even to other countries! Unfortunately, English is not that widely spoken, so you might encounter some difficulties there. But people are nice and patient.
The South is considerable cheaper that Prague, accommodation and food.
We stayed in this wind mill like tower called Pension ve Věži . But it was a budget accommodation, I would not dare to stay there with children, the experience was nice/weird though. Weird, only because I am not used to such hippie style. :P

It’s safe. People are friendly. Food is nice. It is cheap. It has all going for it.

:D xx

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