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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bliss in the trivial - Dicha en lo trivial ❤

I know! They are PINK! I could not resist them; they go perfectly well with grey… the English weather that is! :D
Siiiii Son fucsias!!! Las vi y no me pude resistir, le pegan perfecto al gris, me refiero a los días ingleses! :D

In this country you know spring is coming when you see this: Narcissus…. And this one is in my garden!
And a lovely bulb that my son gave me is growing big and strong… days are changing!
En este país se sabe que la primavera llega cuando ves esto: Los narcisos, y este crece en mi jardín, al igual que la planta que me ha regalado mi hijo; los días están cambiando….

… and my morning cuppa! Admiring some of my yarns left from the last project (almost like an ornament)… contemplating the fluffiness!
Have a lovely day!
… y mi te mañanero! Admirando mis madejas tiradas ya desde al proyecto anterior (situadas casi como adornos)… contemplando su suavidad…
Que tengan un lindo día!


  1. mmmm ya casi puedo sentir el aroma...té, flores, lanas...calorcito de hogar!

  2. Hello Lorena!
    Pink makes me smile. :)
    They are beautifull.
    The Spring is comeing to us, too.
    Lovely yarns for a toy. I have lots of yarns from different projects. That's whay I want to make crazy handbags. I don't like to see them all over the house. And I don't want to put them in the trash. I spend the money to take them, so I must to something with them. Some crazy hats, maybee. I don't know.
    These days I just stay. Tomorrow I have the big test for the driving licence. I hope I will take the test. We'll see.
    Have a lovely day Lorena!

  3. Lindo color el de tus zapatillas y disfrutar de un té admirando la pronta llegada de la primavera es un gustazo.

  4. I looooove those retro Nikes, I've been eyeing them up for a couple of months, but haven't yet dared to buy them ... its more that I'm not sure I have enough to wear with them ... I am jealous though!


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