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Saturday, 6 August 2011

... I follow the sun.

We have always loved traveling, no doubt about it! Before the children we did South America and Europe until we did not have a hidden corner discovered. Then Thomas arrived and that did not stopped us at all. Chile - UK, Uk - Chile was an ordinary trip; Buenos Aires, Ireland, Madrid or Ushuaia- Patagonia, just like that! 

Once Sean joined us, things got a bit complicated so we stopped traveling long distance but we re-discovered the British Isles with the Children. We rented the most amazing houses & cottages, and we went for it. Barra, Cotswold, Ayrshire, Cornwall, Devon, Sussex, Bath, Wales, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Lake District (we had there the most amazing country house over looking the lake) etc... name it and we did.

One thing we did not like though, was the British weather - extremely wet  in summer, so the most beautiful places in the most beautiful accommodation, did not seem to be that great. So now we have embraced again the long distance traveling looking for the evasive sun. Who can blame me?

And after being in Chile and Italy so far this year (yes! Very lucky!), here we are now in the sunny California;  few minutes from the sea, the very same road of Disneyland and still baking for my family (children, sister and nephews) and knitting for Sean.

Happy Hollidays!

Amazed by the movie Fantasia since childhood, we went to pay a visit to a very special mouse.

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