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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Remember Palestine...

Hola, esta foto  la he sacado en la mañana. Estoy con el mapa en oro de lo que podría haber sido una Palestina unitaria, antes de la partición en 1948 por los  ingleses!  Es un símbolo para los que queremos, la libertad, autonomía y reconocimiento de la soberanía del estado de Palestina.
Hi, this picture has been take today in the morning. I have in my neck the gold map of Palestine as a whole, before the partition of 1948 by the English. Its is a symbol for those who want, like me, the freedom, autonomy, and recognition of the sovereignty of the state of Palestine.


  1. It's a beautiful thought and so are you!

  2. Hola Lory, I am still somewhere here. I've had a difficult time posting comments on your blog, actually I cant even post anything on mine, :(.
    ( I hope this one publishes).
    Anyway, you are looking beautifual as always. I love the necklace, and the cause is a very noble one.

    You take care, I'm hoping to be able to get back with my regular blogging soon.

    Cuidate! Un abrazote!!!


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