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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tubular male scarf ~ bufanda tubular masculina.

Finished! The male scarf requested from Sweden is travelling to his new owner. For sure it will warm up his days in those cold Viking lands.

Terminada! La bufanda masculina encargada desde Suecia va en camino a su nuevo dueño. Seguro calentará sus días en esas tierras vikingas tan heladas!



  1. Se ve cálida y confortable esa bufandita. Me gusta la combinación de colores. Bonito regalo!

  2. Hello Lorena!
    I love this scarf. The colours are so nice!
    I wanted to make an online shop but the shipment is too expensive and I give up. :(
    Have a lovely day Lorena!

  3. Linda la bufanda, eso quiero!!!.
    Lorena Olea.


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