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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Make-up basket ~ Canasto para las pinturas

I had this brown cotton, it was an old t-shirt. I cut it in a long string and I crocheted this for my bathroom. Now is accommodating my makeup. Everything in use in Sonido Retro!


Tenía una polera marrón  de algodón vieja y la corte en una tira larga. Tejí a crochet un práctico canasto para mis pinturas. Nada se pierde en Sonido Retro y reciclamos Todo! :d


  1. Lore!
    Re linda!!
    Un beso grande

  2. Muchas Gracias Claudia. NO me he metido mucho a internet ultimamente y he estado re ocupada haciendo cosas con los ninos... :S
    DE vez en cuando me baja la necesidad y hago alguna cosita... es muy relajante como sabes.

  3. Hola Lady Lory,
    Así me gusta ¡Bien Eco!

    Yo ahora he hecho más post y tú ni pasas por mi Casazoo.


  4. Carolina Artesanías24 April 2012 at 00:58

    hola!! lindo reciclaje, me gusta la foto!!

    ja ja ja !! me tapé la cara pq salía con cara de vieja!!
    el poncho bien, así q la dejé, pero me tapé: "Antes muerta que sencilla! ja ja ja!!

  5. Hi Lory!!!

    I guess my first comment didn't quite make it.

    I absolutely love your makeup basket.
    I love the recycling idea as well. I've tried to make t shirt yarn, but most old tshirts go to the garage for car washing or wiping up messes.

    Espera que estes mentor esta semana
    Cuidate!!! Abrazos!!!

  6. Oops, please excuse my horrible Spanish, it's this spellcheck.
    I don't write very well in Spanish pero no es pa tanto. Geezz!!!

  7. Hello Lorena!
    I like the makeup basket.
    It's a good idea to use something you don't need.
    It looks perfect. If you didn't write it is made from an old t-shirt I would thing it's made from a new wool or something.
    I love the idea to use every thing you have.
    I put the blog hop to my blog. Again. This time is up, like a new post.
    Have a nice day Lorena!
    And be strong!

  8. Thank so much Flory! The T shirt cotton is more steady, so is perfect for the purpose!
    Will visit your blog!

  9. ehehe! Communication does not have to be orthodox! Your Spanish is great because is Chilean! jajaja

  10. Gracias Caro... y queda muy firme!

  11. It DID Anna, it went to my picture comment and I replied there :P
    Thanks for always passing by!

  12. Eco Lady!!!!!!!!!!!! Voy Voy!


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