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Friday, 30 September 2011

Cinnamon rolls season - Not again! (YES!!)

Este es uno de los favoritos de mi marido, los famosos y muy británicos Chelsea buns - cuando tienen pasas, o simplemente Cinnamon rolls o rollitos de canela, cuando es sin ellas.

El secreto está en no dejar leudar la masa por mucho tiempo, pues la idea es que quede suave pero algo parecido al pan. Es una extraña mezcla entre Bollo dulce y pan.

La cubierta está caramelizada con leche y azúcar que se ha puesto antes de hornear y en el intertanto del horneo también,  así salen jugosos y bronceados.


  1. Yummmmm, I can't wait till it starts to cool off here in Cali. so I can start baking, and cooking steaming hot soups with a side of sopaipillas.
    Today it was almost 90 degrees here. :(
    Have a great weekend Lory!!!

  2. Dear and lovely Anna… I know what you mean. I spent my summer in California this year and some of the days it was really bad, specially in Los Angeles. I have to say that I am getting a bit use to the mild weather of the UK- cool sort of thing :D It allows me to knit & bake better.
    I am from Santiago and in summer is quite hot there (though we spent every summer at the seaside house)... always loving the cloudy days... Yes Crazy!
    Sopaipillas! Oh dear you are almost Chilean! You have to give me the recipe as I never had dared to prepare them and God how we need them in England! You know it is a dish for rainy days... that would mean everyday in the green- green Uk. Ja!
    Chao y Saludos!
    Ps: I have to say though; we are having a hit wave at the moment. Warm air from Europe, 28 degrees!... quite a lot , isn’t it? :O

  3. Hola Lorena!!

    I am so happy you visited so that I was able to find your blog. Your cinnamon rolls look so delicious, and I am looking forward to spending some time reading your posts. I just wish my Spanish was better :)
    Buenos Dias,

  4. Que buena pinta tienen estos bollitos. Suelo comprarlos para desayunar los fines de semana, pero hechos en casa seguro que no tienen comparación.
    Un abrazo

  5. Hi Debbie! You are most tan welcome! I am, just like any old mum; into make my time with the kids this HOMEMADE home. Really enjoying it! When I saw your post about baking, I went straight in. I love it. In fact, when the piano teacher comes, once a week, I bake something and it is the best perfume you can ever have in a home. Love it!
    Do not worry about the Spanish, a dear friend of mine, who does not speak a word of Spanish, felt so tented in trying one of my recipes and she translated it with Google chrome, is not that clever?! there is not barrier any longer!
    Take care and see you soon!
    Kind regards, Lorena

  6. Siii Nathalia, tú sabes que le pones, como los haces... fresquitos! Un lujo!
    Saludos x


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