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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sleepy Lady Cat

This Dolly is in the other side of the planet in hand of a very especial Little Lady. Every stitch were perfectly thought, loved and treasured.
Fabric, crocheted and knitted bamboo & cotton.
No patterns, no guidance, just following my  heart.
Take care,
L x

Esta muñequita se fue directamente para el otro lado del planeta y está en manos de una Señorita muy especial. Cada puntada fue perfectamente pensada, amada y atesorada.
Está hecha en tela, tejido de crochet y palillos, en hebras de bambú y algodón.
Sin patrones, ni guías, sólo siguiendo mi corazón.
L x


  1. Hello Lorena!
    The flower's speaking! :)
    It's a beautiful cat!!!
    I love it!
    You are an artist!
    I'm si happy to know you!
    My daughter's hat is ready but I didn't hale time to make pictures and the pattern. :(
    And I didn't nave time to reply to your message. :(
    Maybe tonight.
    I'm so busy! And I want to do too many things for my time. :(
    Have a lovely day Lorena!

  2. Oh so cute! The outfit is just SO gorgeous!!!

  3. Really Creative Lorena.....!! Wonderful Job :)

  4. Qué lindo gatito!!!
    Adivina por qué estaba tan perdida!!! ¿Adivinaste?

    Ya nació... Es una talagantina hermosa y gordita. Nació de parto natural... Sí galla, me la pude.. me siento poderosa después de haberlo hecho!!!

  5. What a cute kitty!!!! And a very stylish wardrobe indeed. I have never tried making anything like this. Actually I think I did once and it ended up looking like an alien with a headache. Hahaha!!!!

    Take care Lory, have a fantastic weekend!!! Hugs and hugs!!!!

  6. Que linda tenida!!! Me encanta su ropa!!! y sus zapatos!!!!

  7. Me encantó tu espacio. Te invito al mio.
    Beso desde Argentina

  8. The cat and her clothes are wonderful. Adorable colors. Love it.

  9. Que hermosa esta gatita, Lore. Muy dulce, muy tierna.

  10. Hello Lorena!
    Are you OK?
    I miss you!
    Have a nice weekend!


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