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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Forever spring!

Quería perpetuar la primavera y el trino de los pájaros en un solo cuadro. Y aquí está!
Algodón y fieltro.
Ahora también disponible en LaTiendita.
I wanted to perpetuate the spring colours and the birds singing in just one picture, and here it is!
Cotton and felt.
Now available in the Shop.


  1. Precioso! super alegre, divino!
    Un besote

  2. Ahora sí que tira pinta oiga!!
    Este blog si funciona!!
    Póngale un vidrio a ese precioso cuadro!!


    1. Inora! es 3D, pongase los lentes!!!!!!!!!!! jajaja!

  3. Muy lindo Lory!!! A whole season in just one picture. I wish it were as refreshing in these parts. It has been over 100 degrees everyday here in Riverside for almost two weeks. I would trade this for your refreshing garden any day!!!
    Take care my dear!!! XOXO

    1. Dear Anna, I do understand what you say... here is just right, not too hot, not to cold... but it is wet! haha


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