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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Kitty Blue

My little son asked for a little Kitty just like the one I drew few days ago, so, what my master wants, my master has. :)

Mi hijo me pidió un gatito igual que el dibujo que hice hace unos días. Pues bien, lo que mi amo mi pida, mi amo tiene :P


  1. Aww

    Too cute Lory!!!!!

    I love it, and he looks just like your drawing.

    Take my dear, and have a great day. :)

  2. Anna I am soooo pleased, It is just like the draw! jajaja I might crochet the 3 cool cats then! :P
    What are you doing with that lovely brown yarns Anna?!

  3. q lindo ! ahora has los otros 2 asi completas el dibujo !

  4. katia, Lo estoy pensando! x

  5. Hello Lorena!
    The cat is wonderful!
    It's like the draw.
    You don't read patters but you have a talent. :)
    Have a nice evening!

  6. Hi Lory,
    Now you need to make the other two.

    That would be a nice little trio to have around the house.

    OMG, I rarely make anything with brown or black yarn, in fact I never even buy black yarn.
    But I thought that a round of brown would look good on my granny blanket.

    We'll see what the end result is.

    Bye for now , and have a good weekend. :)

  7. Dear Flory, That is right! No patterns! is not that weird!? But I cannot do it any other way :D
    Thanks soooo much for your lovely words.

  8. Thanks Anna! I have the right yarn to make the e Cool Cats - If they end up looking nice, I will put them in my shop jajaj For sale! I do not have more space around the house.. jajaja you Know, British houses! :P xx

  9. Qué lindo!!! Te pasaste, te luces con tus animalitos :)

  10. que lindo, que ingeniosa, quedó muy tierno.

  11. no te comenté?
    que raro?
    me encanta el gatito!


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