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Saturday, 17 October 2015

The autumn playground

The timid sunshine was partially illuminating the sky. The end of the summer was near.  The level of light and position of the earth started to change, soon to meet the autumn equinox.  Already a handful of brown leaves had fallen prematurely from the trees, building a velvety, patchy carpet on the deep, green grass.
The park benches were perfectly located looking south. Some people, like the lizards on the rocks, were resting there perfectly static trying to catch the last bits of sunrays left from the season.
Protected by a low multicolour metal fence, the almost brand-new Ely playground offered the most gracious and traditional rides. A couple of big boys could not get enough of the merry-go-round. Faster and faster they went, that their feet could not catch up with the velocity of the platform and inevitably one of them ended up on the padded, rubbery ground, unharmed and doubled-over with laughter.
A blond little toddler was rocking with such expertise on the frog spring ride, that many were could not help themselves but admire her perfect curls dancing away with the backwards and forwards movements, sustained for several minutes with no vacillation. At one point, it looked like she was about to fall, but she fooled everyone. 
 On the opposite side of the park, the swings were taking two skinny teenage girls higher and higher. They wanted the reach the sky every time they bended their long legs to gain momentum. A squeaky noise was accompanying the act like a background song, and was ticking perfectly in time like the beat of a metronome.
The slide was reserved just for the experts. Fifteen steps to the majestic summit from which the view was unique and infrequently seen by the youngsters. The way down was a path of a shiny metal, so smoothly and evenly crafted, that it guaranteed a fast and unique journey.  A young boy took the risk and with the help of his father climbed to the top to see the world from a different point of view. He spent few minutes there before summoning the strength to slide down. He landed magnificently on his feet, like an expert Olympic gymnast. He even opened his arms and greeted everybody who could take notice of his heroic act.
After a while, a big, bulky, nimbus cloud covered the sky gradually. The air turned cold, the light became grey and dull whilst the wind began to sway the leaves. Threat of rain was suddenly clear.  Nonetheless, the children continued to enjoy the park.
Rapidly, the smell of food was easily perceived… possibly a curry? The fried onions were clearly detected and inevitably inviting.
The clock struck 5 and a mother shouted impatiently from the distance to her offspring, “Time to go home for tea!” 
“Yes mum,” her boys replied, assuming they could not extend their time at the park, kicking some small stones as they were leaving the playground with long, sad faces.

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