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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

F# and who knows what else :D

Not long ago, master Phillip Trelford was interviewed in Denmark  by a specialized internet site, he gave a conference there. I do not understand at all, but I am more than proud to share the interview with you HERE.
Also, he was interviewed by a internet radio station HERE.
Congratulation to the master of media,  Mr Phillip Trelford
~ ~
No hace mucho el  “amo” Phillip Trelford fue entrevistado por un medio de comunicación especializado en internet en una visita a Dinamarca, donde dio una conferencia. Yo no entiendo ni “j”, pero estoy más que orgullosa de compartir la entrevista. Aquí!
Además, fue entrevistado radialmente Aquí!
Felicidades por lo mediático, Don Phillip Trelford!


  1. hola!! y mucho trabajo esto de "imposrr" el blog??
    hay que seguirte nuevamente??
    me perdí¡?¡?¡?

  2. Hola, me llamo Mal, soy galesa, pero ahora vivo en Dorset, discubri tu blog por Attic24, porque estoy aprendo espanol. Me encantar ganchillo.

    This is a new laptop, and I don't yet have a Spanish keyboard downloaded, so excuse the lack of accents and my appalling grammar. My Spanish is still very passive at the moment, so reading is fine, working out which tense to use within a reasonable timeframe? Not so much. Anyway, I am glad that you are happy here, and shall enjoy working through your posts. Mal xxx

    1. haha Good Good Mal! Spanish can be a bit tricky language but with determination, of course, you will master it!
      Have you tried as well to listen to some song in Spanish, depending your age I can recommend some stuff.
      Mucho gusto y no vemos! x
      Lorena x


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