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Monday, 14 May 2012

Scones and friends

I have a lovely group of friends here. Whenever I can a treat them with homemade scones and cream tea, endless chitchat and laughter. Thanks girls for being so funny and friendly.

Tengo un grupo de amigas fantasticas. Cuando puedo las invito a tomar tecito con scones ingleses. Gracias chicas por ser tanlindas de alma!


  1. Hello Lorena!!!
    I'm so happy for you!!!
    I love Paris, I never go to Paris but this is a very big wish.
    I look to your table and I'm hungry. :)
    Have a nice evening Lorena!

  2. Hi Lory, everything looks so yummy!!!
    I especially like your tea cozy.
    Have a great rest of your week.

  3. Thanks so much Flory. I wish you live around the corner and invite you for tea and scones and a crochet session! That would be nice! :D
    Have a lovely day Flory...

  4. It was Yummy Anna, It was! That tea cozy is fantastic, keeps the tea nice and warm while the ladies never stop talking :P
    Besos y saludos!

  5. Qué tentadores esos scones!!!
    La mesa una monada!
    Un beso grande


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